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Monday, December 13, 2010


HI everybody its Delaney!!  And for real this time I got a cat!! We got it on December 12, 2010. It is a he. His name is Sneezie. He has orange EARS, NOSE, and TAIL. And the rest of his body is white. He is really calm, But he loves to run and play.

The day we got him he was really tired. They have a chip in almost every cat. The chip is used for tracking the cat down. For example, say he ran away. The animal shelter people track him down, call who ever it is and tell them to call the real people who own it. So that is what it is used for.

He was acting a little weird when we were there. Then we found out that his chip fell down his neck, because its inside its body. So they scanned him and the number had a lot of zeros. Which is not good. So they had to give the poor cat a shot that had the new chip in it. I felt really bad about that.

He has a really bad cold. He sneezes a lot. That’s why we named him Sneezie.

The reason he got in the shelter is because he and his brother and sister were not wanted. One day the family said I can’t take care of these cats. So they left him and his brother and sister behind in Costco. And the workers found them and they called the people at Heartland Animal Shelter. And they went there and rescued the three cats. And that’s how they got in the shelter. His brother and sister went home the day before we got him.

And that’s my story.

Here’s a picture of Sneezie.