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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Cat

Hi its Delaney and I have wanted a cat for a long time, but my mom always tries to stop me. But in the past couple of years my mom was thinking about this cat thing and this year she finally said we can get a cat.

I have been looking online searching for a cat every day for one month. The first site that I looked at was Pet Smart. But they didn’t have that many choices. But finally I find I place that I loved. The place was called Heartland Animal Shelter. My other mom took me there.

They had lots of kittens there. I wanted a kitty but my mom found out that if you get a kitty then you have to get two. And my mom didn’t want to get two cats. So we went there and we looked at the teenage cats and we were looking around the area and we chose two. But we are not getting two. Their names were Nala and Enchalada. My other mom really wanted to get Nala but my sister and I wanted Enchalada. And my mom said that we can probably get Enchalada. So my mom is getting the cat on December 21, which is me and my sisters birthday. I can’t wait!!